Many people have a doubt on difference between the interior designers and architects for getting the best service to their home or office. Whether you are looking for the interior designing service for your newly built home or want to renovate the existing home, first of all you should have to know the actual difference between architecture and interior design. It is absolutely the most important thing to know this difference in order to hire a right professional to give your desired design to your home.

Similarities between interior designers and home architects:

First of all, you should know the similarities between these two home designing fields and then you can go with the differences. The experienced interior designers and home architects are highly qualified professionals to design or create spaces which solve the different needs of the home owners. Both these architecture and interior design fields are considered as an art & science. The spaces created by such professionals will be structurally safe, functional, sound and also aesthetically beautiful.

interior designers vs architects

There are huge technical aspects of the design which both of these fields are required to thoroughly understand and also properly address to implement their plans. Both architects and interior designers have the best space planning and cross over skills. They are completely up to date with the latest building codes and regulations of the states. Similarly, they also have the best specialities in order to bring the design to your home or office as you want with the help of the team. They are also creative and highly artistic individuals to change your entire lifestyle with the amazing artistic works and designs.

Real difference between these professionals:

If you are considering the interior design vs architecture professions, there are also several differences between them. When it comes to the home architects, they are usually design the entire structure of the home including the plumbing and electrical requirements. They will also focus on the exterior design elements of the home along with interior architecture, ceiling finishes, trim and also mill work.

In some cases, they are also providing tile placement, lighting and flooring services. If you are hiring the interior designers to your home, they will actually design to overall style and look of your home interiors usually all the rooms. They include a lighting plan for every room in your home, lighting fixtures, flooring, placement of the tiles and also designing backsplashes. They will also focus on choosing the different kinds of the interior materials, furnishings, finishes, hardware, drapery or window treatments, textiles, wall paper, pain color and also accents. In general, both of them are well trained and highly experienced professionals who have the comprehensive knowledge of architectural designing principles.


Commonly, the home architects are working with the main structure of your home but the interior designers are only allowed to make changes in the different parts of your home but they don’t interfere with the actual structure of your house.